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 Anyone seeking information on Dylan's life, and especially the true manner of his death, is invited to email Clive Woosnam at clivewoosnam@hotmail.com: who will be happy to send you a free email version of his play-for-voices, Good Night, Dylan. 
After many requests over many years, Clive has finally recorded a CD, titled Words from Wales.  Nine of the thirteen tracks are of Dylan Thomas stories and poems; in addition, there are two pieces written by Clive, another adapted by him from the pen of Richard Burton, and a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins.  To listen to them, please click on www.girvanfestival.trad.org.uk/clivewoosnam/  You will need to keep the volume high.
                                                   If you would like more information, please email clivewoosnam@hotmail.com.
Clive has been forced to resign as president of the DTSA and creator of the website because of health problems, but he wanted to leave something happy on the site and has done that.  Here is an excerpt from the 2011 Legend and Poet afternoon that should provide a few laughs.
Sun Jul 8 Christmas in July. Venue is the Newport Arms Hotel, now known as The Newport.
Sat Oct 27 Celebration of Dylan's birthday at Mosman RSL. Theme will focus on Dylan's relationship with Caitlin.
Sun Dec 9 Combined Christmas Lunch with the Welsh Choir at Carnarvon Golf Club.

painting of Dylan at Laugharne Castle
painting of Dylan at Laugharne Castle

Coach Outing to Swansea, 16 July 2017

On a perfect Winter's day, on a Pegasus coach we headed for Swansea along the Pacific Highway, with Clive Woosnam, the ultimate Dylan aficionado, in his normal seat, pride of place at the front of the bus. Emyr Evans, having taken over presidency of the Dylan Thomas Society of Australia, conducted events in his normal accomplished way. We watched most of the film, A Poet in New York, an account of the last days of Dylan’s life, on the small screen at the front of the bus. The film had been made for the centenary in 2014 of Dylan’s birth. We then listened to a celebrity version of Under Milk Wood, which had some big stars, including Tom Jones, Catherine Jenkins, Bryn Terfel and Ioan Gruffudd.

We had the normal stop at the Doyalson RSL, where Clive recited Dylan’s A Holiday Memory: “A slap of sea and a tickle of sand. A fanfare of sunshades opening. A wince and whinny of bathers dancing into deceptive water. A tuck of dresses. A rolling of trousers. A compromise of paddlers. A sunburn of girls and a lark of boys. A silent hullabaloo of balloons….”

Then to the Swansea RSL Club for lunch and a gathering at the rather impressive, new war memorial outside the club, overlooking the sea. The group took turns reading Extraordinary Little Cough, a semi-autobiographical prose work by Dylan, commemorating a time when Dylan and a group of friends hitchhiked from Swansea Town to western Gower for a fortnight’s camping and ran into women, bullies and problems.

We waddled off then to the Caves beach a couple of the more timid staying on top rather than braving the descent. The tide was not quite out, or in, as the case may be, providing enough water to prevent others of the timid venturing into the cave itself. Clive recited And Death Shall Have No Dominion. We did a reading of The Prologue and Over Sir John’s Hill. The houses were not particularly sea-shaken, nor sands were not scum and starfish-covered. It was just a normal winter beach, and the sun was not hanging hawk-like over the headland, but it was near enough and we appreciated Dylan’s sentiments.

The trip back through Catherine Hill Bay did not include a stop at the pub. We were a little short of time and anyway, the bikies were not there to provide a faintly menacing backdrop. Perhaps now that the developers have won and the village is being opened up for development, the place has become too cosmopolitan and the bikies have moved on to more secluded meeting places. On previous trips we had seen the protest signs about the development, and some were still there. But the development was on a huge scale and this particular element of our biennial Dylan treat – sniffing the air of an historical mining village, which would most assuredly have sent Dylan into poetic raptures, was likely to be no more.

 Legend and Poet event on 13th May 2017
The theme for the event this year, held at the Julian Ashton School of Arts at Georges Heights,  was Dylan Thomas and Humour.
After the convivial luncheon, readings illustrated Dylan's humorous self-deprecating descriptions in items such as 'The Bar Crowd', 'Ballad of Salad' and 'Request to an obliging Poet'.
A most artistic setting for a literary afternoon - the Julian Ashton School of Art heritage hut at Georges Heights
A most artistic setting for a literary afternoon - the Julian Ashton School of Art heritage hut at Georges Heights
Dylan Thomas Society AGM, 26 Feb 2017
The AGM was held at the Mosman Club at 2pm. The following were elected:
The following were elected to the Committee:

Malcolm Brown
Zoe Dobson
Emyr Evans
Myfanwy Evans
Kay Hardman
Howard Houliston
Pamela Houliston
Robert Meredith
Annie Schlebaum
Eirwen Taylor
The office bearers elected were:
President:          Emyr Evans
Vice President:  Robert Meredith
Treasurer:          Kay Hardman
Secretary:          Howard Houliston
Performance of Under Milk Wood, September 2016
On September 24 2016 the DTSA put on a single performance of Under Milk Wood at the Mosman Club.  The play-for-voices was performed as Dylan Thomas intended -  a staged reading with actors at microphones reading the parts of the seventy odd (in both senses) denizens of the imaginary village of Llareggub in West Wales. The tyranny of distance meant that a full practice of the complete cast was possible only on the morning of the public performance; prior to that, Clive had gone over individual parts with separate actors or with a larger group on one occasion.
                                                                                                          At Clive & Helen's house after the main practice
Given the limited preparation the show on 24 September was a remarkable success.  The fact that most of the cast was born in Wales gave not only the right accents but the right timbres of voice to suit the dialogue; the wonderfully eccentric and larger-than-life characters of Llareggub were carefully differentiated from one another, and there was some real musicality in the production.  There will be a more thorough review of the performance in the November edition of our e-magazine.  Here we will include only the fine pictures taken by DTSA member David Kelly.
                                                                                                                The cast are a study in concentration at this point in the play
 Eirwen in sensitive vein  
  Marisa bringing out the humour in her roles
 Viv brings every character to life 
  Olwen at full throttle
                                                                                         The cast taking the applause of the audience at the end of the show
Mountain Christmas, July 2016
Every second year we hold a Dylan Mountain Christmas luncheon in July.  2016 was the third occasion for us to hold it at the Grand View Hotel, Wentworth Falls, in the hope of coinciding with an unlikely cold snap and at least a few snowflakes.  
                        (clockwise from far left): Dan, Sharyn, Mike, Jenny, Annie, Myfanwy, Eirwen, Carole and Griff
We didn't get as many diners as on the two previous occasions, but the event was every bit as successful, with the excellent Christmas lunch and the festive atmosphere appreciated by all the guests.  
                             Central table, clockwise from left: Bill, Rob, Jane, Kay, Noel, Helen, Lorraine, Jacqueline
Some travelled by train to the nearby station while others drove directly to the hotel and many of us were able to enjoy a coffee in the sunny, well-furnished lounge room before the meal.
           Clive reciting A Child's Christmas in Wales
Once again, the quality of the meal met or surpassed everyon's expectations.  Afterwards, Clive recited A Child's Christmas in Wales followed by some Christmas thoughts of Gwyn Thomas and a winter poem of Vernon Watkins.  Dan Lewis read Tangmalangaloo to provide an Australian Christmas flavour.
                       Dan reading Tangmalangaloo
In 2017 we will once again have The Outing at a similar time of year, with the Mountain Christmas returning in 2018.
2016 Dylan Day Luncheon
At the end of the centenary celebrations in 2014 a decision was made in Swansea to establish a 'Dylan Thomas Day' round the world on May 14 each year.  No doubt the tourist agenda was an important factor in setting this date, but the official rationale was to commemorate the first stage performance of Under Milk Wood in New York on that date in 1953.  Our DTSA committee has decided to amend the date slightly: when May 14 falls on a weekend we will use the exact date; otherwise we will use the nearest weekend day available.
                            Members relax over lunch before the Under Milk Wood recordings on Dylan Day in the City Centre
In 2016 we held a lunch at the City of Sydney RSL Club followed by excerpts of various recordings of Under Milk Wood.  The first recording, of course, was of the first performance itself, with Dylan in the role of First Voice and the Rev Eli Jenkins.  We also used segments of the Richard Burton 1954 version and the George Martin/Anthony Hopkins CD, and snippets from our DTSA recordings.  Members expressed their opinion that our efforts stood up well against the more famous versions.
                                                                            Clive drinks a toast to Dylan on Dylan Day
                        THE LEGEND & THE POET AFTERNOON, 10 APRIL 2016
The topic for the 2016 Legend & Poet afternoon was 'Dylan the Socialist' - a harder topic to research than usual both in terms of Dylan's life and writings and in terms of short readings from other authors' poetry and prose.  Nevertheless, we had a record audience of more than the official attendance capacity at the Julian Ashton Art Hut at Georges Heights, Mosman, and some people applied for entry too late to be accepted.
                          Host Paul Delprat rests on his shooting stick while other members enjoy the pleasant April sunshine at Georges Heights
Helen Woosnam was the narrator as usual, with Clive and Greg Bell the two main readers.  Barry and Di Strong, Meriel Evans and host Paul Delprat were the other performers.  Clive wrote the script and program and prepared the readings.  There were three recordings of Dylan reading poetry,  and excerpts from his letters, film scripts and short stories.  Other writers represented included Shelley, Housman, Morris, Hood, Pope, Lawson, Lawrence, MacNeice, Gwyn Thomas and modern Sydney poet Jennifer Maiden.
                                                         Clive chats to guests as they fill the Art Hut
Though this was a serious topic, there was a reasonable helping of humour and plenty of passion.  There was never any danger of the good food and wine lulling audience members into a dose.  Helen organised the food, helped mainly by Kay and Jacqueline. Clive organised the wine and Noel acted as barman.  Kath produced a special cake to help Kay celebrate her birthday.
                            Kay cutting her birthday cake during the interval - and there's still some food left!
                                                         Clive in full spate as Helen looks on 
                       A most artistic setting for a literary afternoon - the Julian Ashton School of Art heritage hut at Georges Heights               

                                                  DTSA LUNCH AND AGM 13 FEBRUARY 2016 

The 2016 AGM and lunch were held in the Villaggio restaurant at the City of Sydney RSL Club in George St.  Numbers 

were down on the past two years but the 37 members who attended seemed to enjoy the new venue, the food and the 

meeting itself.


                                                                                                                     The main table from one end ...  





                                                                                                                                                ... and from the other                                                                                                   


At the AGM, business was conducted swiftly and efficiently.  The new committee was elected very quickly, as follows:

                             President  -  Clive Woosnam

                              Vice-pres  -  Emyr Evans

                             Secretary  -  Helen Woosnam

                             Treasurer  -  Kay Hardman

Other committee members:

                             Malcolm Brown

                             Noel Hardman

                             Jane Horlin

                             Robert Horlin

                             Howard Houliston

                             Pamela Houliston

                             Bill King

                             Jacqueline King

                             Robert Meredith

                             Lorraine Ryan

                             Annie Schlebaum

                                                                                                                                    Clive reads Michael Sheen's essay 



                                                                          We are losing Louis & Wendy as they move north to Uralla


After the meeting Clive played a CD of Gwen Watkins looking back on her time in Bletchley Park and likening Dylan to 

Alan Turing.  Clive then read an essay by Michael Sheen on Dylan and closed by talking about the Poetry Association's 

huge wall hanging of 'In My Craft or Sullen Art', before reciting the poem itself.



DVDs of the August performance of "Highlights of Under Milk Wood" may be purchased at the AGM or at later events at the special price of just $5 for members and $10 for non-members of the DTSA.  Contact 99972019 for further details.